how it all starts

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so i am doing it!

i bought like 10 books on how to successfully start & manage your own fashion label,
guides on how-not-to-be-one-of-these-post-fashion-design-students-who-suck-because-they-don’t-know-anything-about-business.
I kind of am that, haha

I want this to happen. I want this to be my life and it’s so encouraging to read about how other people, much less fortunate
than me without a fashion degree or a cent started off.
What’s that paper for? I wont put my degree in a frame if I cannot live up to being an actual Designer.
And I have so many ideas bowling up in my head, so much I still need to learn.

I know there will be failures. I know fashionshool will seem like a spa-trip compared to that.
I know I will mess up alot of things but I know in the end it’ll all be worth it and I need to do this on my own.

Just so you all understand why I kind of gave up on this blog, life happened.

But I will moove this blog soon and take you with me on a journey towards MARY OH!.

wish me luck!

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My Lovely Aching Bones

Thursday, November 18, 2010


a post


And it’s also to explain why I have not much blogging-time left these days.
I got back into my fashionshool ESMOD/Berlin in October
to attend my graduation&diploma year.
We got some great tutors who really work in the fashion-industry
so we get a better understanding in how being a fashion-worker really works
when you get outside the bubble of university.

They kick our asses I can tell you,
quite constantly and I hardly find time for a shower haha…
In the Lingerie-Specialisation-class we are doing some kind of shape and compilation studies
where you first create a detail or shape
and then you let it re-appear in different pieces ind different kinds of ways
so it becomes “a line” that every collection has.
Here is the timing so far:

1st week : body
2 week: bra&panty
3d week: corsage and nuisette


and if you think that’s a lot of work,
don’t be fooled!
that’s just what needs to be done in half of the time,
the other half is occupied by Diploma-research, Illustrations, Fabric-Research etc
And if you just blinked your eyes a little than you have to focus on another project
that will become visible & alive on the 13th of December:
So called “Sainte Cathérine”.

In France she is the Saint for all couturiers and tailors and since my school is french,
we do a totally crazy fashion-show to honor her every year.
This year’s theme is all about Opulence & Utopia :


we students are all kind of cursing our sewing machines
and gluing our fingers to the ceiling while trying to create something worth this “eye-mazing” theme.

This year is also quite special, because its the 170th Birthday of the mother-school ESMOD PARIS.
Every school all over the globe sends in their students designs, and if you are one of the chosen ones,
ten of your outfits will be shown on a great catwalk-show in Paris.
I will make me my 20iest CafeLatté, put on some Röyksopp or Frank Sinatra and sew my heart out tonite.


I was inspired by the Bone-Structure-Distortion caused by the corsets from that period.
I choose mostly Black& Silver fabrics following the colorcard and the Headline “Createur Couture
given by ESMOD PARIS.
I am about to create Look 5
A corsage, half open and with  a heart-shaped Nipplet on the left side.

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