My heart is an empty room

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

burn it down, until the embers smoke on the ground
and start new, when your heart is an empty room.

This is my favorite Agent Provocateur Set from the AW/2010 Private Tapes Collection.
Coat: Zara
Bracelet: H&M
Shoes: D&G

Pictures by Lian Ray

It is wicked like a cute-nurse dress-up,
or a private waitress,
but for me there is something so Moulin Rouge about it.
A modern interpretation of classical Elements
and the game between cute & kinky that I love the most.

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If it’s top, just shop! Topshop

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since my first days in London
I turned into a Topshop-addict.
Well actually, no-
it’s been months I’ve been feeding a virtual addiction-
adding things to my shopping basket at,
until I would exceed any credit card-limit and then be unable to choose anything -
because they basically add new items every day
and some hours later your size is anyway gonna be sold out, ah….

So the Oxford circus store became my mekka,
this time for real.
What’s H&M again? Forget about Zara
this is the place where some supersonic Stylist managed to transform Mainstream into Indie.
Fashion for the masses that looks like you had to swim through seas of flea-market’s tables
and fight at least ten girls to get your hands on it first.

They also did a couple of cool lingerie cooperations over the last years
e.g. Fifi Chachnil, Pleasure State-
And they copy the designs of past seasons Dior etc in reasonable quality
and they actually fit great!

A few weeks ago I found some cute sets that are very different in styles and shapes
and when I went back last week they were already gone!

Lucky you, they still sell them online, so have a look at their online shop!

I think there is  a little Vintage-Vegas-feel to the shooting/
mostly caused by obsessive listening to Brandon Flowers
♤ Flamingo ♤.

The first one “Silk Contrast Lace” is a bit padded & pushes a little,
and I absolutely love the powder-blue color in contrast with the nude lace.

get this marie-antoinette-like-ensemble here on

The second one “New Vintage Lace” follows the current ‘bralet-trend‘,

a bustier-like bra which you can wear as a top
with a denim-shirt and some high waist-knickers for the ultimate 80ies look!

click here for the beautiful lace-set in mauve

The last one, “heart flock” features a cute allover-pattern, which you can actually feel:
the little hearts are all velvet and together with the little ruffle-line over the bra-cup
they just makes your heart go pitter-patter.

to buy it in a heartbeat, click here

photos credits:
Ladies and Gents,
Please lift your Martini-glasses and throw the dice for Mr. Lian Ray

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On the streets with Mint Siren

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I saw it first at the lingerie collective last month.
The leather strap torso harness from Mint Siren.

Matching my fetish-mood I just had to buy it when I saw it again.

It’s such a versatile Lingerie-Accessory, I’m wearing it all the time!
I think there’s a huge thing coming up with full-body and over-garment accessories,
because you can pimp-up your look & reshape your figure.

And with its shiny buckles and hooks
it replaces your jewellery at the same time!

You can totally switch a look-
just wear it over a swinging dress
or some babydoll-top
or for the police-officer look, match it with some sexy tank top! ♡

For some kinky nights, go fo the pure look:
fancy knickers, simple stockings
and some special pasties / nipplets to be a strong lover!

thank you Mint Siren for this gorgeous underbust-belt.

Leather harness: Mint Siren
Swarovski Nipplets & Open Bugsy Suspender Briefs: Bordelle
Skirt: H&M
Tights & Top: Topshop

Photos by Lian Ray

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