Thursday, May 19, 2011

You have to help me out here,
I have this super talented design-team FACE working on “mary-oh!”
and they came up with 4 amazing ideas / directions -
I see myself in all of them,

they all reflect my vision of a modern lingerie-label,

but that’s the big Problem I have:

I kinda love them all!

SO, I am throwing them out there to you, What do you think  folksies : ) ?
Of course the branding and will be done, color shemes added and so on,
But that logo is the basis the whole thing will be build upon.

Please help my love-blinded-eyes see clearly again.




Which Logo is the loveliest ?

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  • Definitely the First One: I don’t know much about you but, based on the overall look of the site and specially your work, I think is the one that gives me the same feeling as the other elements.

  • I totally agree with Hugo. That’s the one.

  • 1 or 2

  • Number 1!!!
    oder 4,aber auf keinen Fall 2 oder 3….
    (du hattest ja gefragt…)

  • Danke dir Tusnelda!
    Ja ich will eure ehrliche Meinung :)

  • No doubt # 1. The exclamation point seems cheeky and fun here where it looks a little forced and emphatic bolded or italicized in the other revs.

    Additionally, the vanished vertical stems in the first logo are suggestive of the mysteries of lingerie. They suggest their form effortlessly, and yet are invisible. Something to be sought after in the design of intimates, yes?

    I can’t imagine finding a reason to fall out of love with # 1.


    xxoo – Petra

  • #1 is my favorite!

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