Thursday, May 19, 2011

You have to help me out here,
I have this super talented design-team FACE working on “mary-oh!”
and they came up with 4 amazing ideas / directions -
I see myself in all of them,

they all reflect my vision of a modern lingerie-label,

but that’s the big Problem I have:

I kinda love them all!

SO, I am throwing them out there to you, What do you think  folksies : ) ?
Of course the branding and will be done, color shemes added and so on,
But that logo is the basis the whole thing will be build upon.

Please help my love-blinded-eyes see clearly again.




Which Logo is the loveliest ?

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where we are all lovers … backstage with mary oh!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello Lovers!
So sorry for my absence, but I didn’t cheat on you,
… or maybe, with my sewing machine haha

Discover a exclusive little behind the scenes
of my lookbook shooting for my diploma lingerie collection.
My label will be called “mary oh!”,

call me egomaniac but I think it’s cute, mysterious and somehow playful.
So get exited!!
In some weeks the website will be up
and I am just waiting for the pictures to be edited…

The longest hair on earth

Innocence gone wild

Hair & Make Up by the wonderful Ines Schult & Janine Pritschow

The DEAF-CAT: The cutest, tiniest kitty I’ve ever seen

Screenshot from the  Image-Video: Gorgeous Fabienne @ MODELWERK

Taking photos of photos on a screen: THE new thing : )

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