maybe baby

Monday, February 28, 2011

I am a Mister Brightside-Girl.

My eyes hurt from the light coming out of this door
that country behind it is beautiful,strange and so cruel.
My lungs wouldn’t catch no oxygen there, I wasn’t told.
I was crawling up the stairs to that Party You fooled.
You invited yourself, your foot in the door.

Didn’t you hear the music is outside?!
Oh, I  made you deaf and myself cry.
Stuffed Feathers in your Heart & Ears.
What silly bird. It learned now how to fly!

The old lake is frozen up, covered with glistening shades.
It’s all shiny new -still fragile to break,
but as the cracking gets stronger,
the fear just fades.

Leave the bags up there in the dark,
Come chase the dancing kids with me down in the yard!
Their heels are cracking, soon they’ll grow old.

There is never a halfway passage,
No Maybe Baby, you haven’t been told.

I am running down the stairs towards the sun,
close the door behind you, this isn’t fun.
I wanna dance with you and walk on,
I look in one direction where I know I belong.

I am a Mister-Brightside-Girl.

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