I died so I could haunt You

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am totally in love with the feeling this label evokes:

Their Lingerie makes me want to go on a self-finding-trip,
chase black cats in the darkest garden on a dewy summer night.
Especially the mysterious 70ies-vibe of their SS 2011 collection.

I really love their approach towards lingerie design,
playing with layers on the skin,
to be able to sculpt our body but in total respect on how a woman
will feel wearing it.
You are so right ladies, if it’s not comfortable we do not feel confident!
Lingerie should always make ourselfs feel best in just our skin- but with some little
layers on to enhance our best features.

cheers to New York for that!

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One Comment:

  • I’m totally in love with what you do.

    The images are amazing and The Lake & Stars makes one wonder why Victorias Secret exists. Does anyone really want bras that stand up without a wearer. Sigh.

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