Etam spring 2011 catwalk

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

♡How sweet is that?♡
Oh, I want my models to carry a lamb too on my diploma show!
Yesterday Etam showcased their upcoming collection au Grand Palais in Paris.
I am surprised by the kinky new styles, the Sonia Rykiel influence because Etam is more know for being very basic.
I loved the girls hair- messed up like a farmer’s daughters who just had a little liason in the hey,
and somehow the dotted mesh-lace gave it all a very french touch.
With musical performances by the Kills, Karen Elson and Beth Ditto
the girls surely had fun;
it’s just what Lingerie be should be about:
to make a girl look good & feel sexy and playful in her skin.

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A Weekend In The City

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I just love this frenchy foxy lady of a city-
she always wears her nose a bit too high, even if it’s cold and rainy.

This time only the nights belonged to steak haché, vin rouge
and stumbling along those amazing bars you only find when you have a local friend
(that practically knows every girl working behind the bar )

But I was in town for a reason,
The days I  visited one the world biggest lingerie-trade shows,

“Le Salon International de la Lingerie” .

The Salon featured hundreds of labels, divided into the sections
be essential/be lounging/be chic/be spicy/be men

from the big retailers to small indie brands, the spicy part was of course what I liked most.♡
The other part of the trade show is the Interfilière
where you find all the fabric and accessories distributors showing their upcoming collections.
It’s great to order samples or fabrics ” sur place” because some labels are really a pain in the a*
to get in contact with.
There was a catwalk show as well, showing of most classic stuff from the bigger brands
so pictures where absolutely forbidden.
I fell in Love with the models, they where just amazing and I wanted to put them in my handbag
altogether to make them walk for me in a few months,
but the lingerie was utterly boring.

But in the Salon there where many newcomer brands,
and I discovered some new loves I will share with you very soon ♡.

Le Salon

And of course I checked the updates at my beloved bondagey label Bordelle.
I took the chance to get my hands on their new accesoires,
and went home with those super cool swarovski bracelets,

and a glimpse on the still super secret upcoming AW11 collection ♡

Get the Swarovski bracelets in the bordelle onlinshop here.

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My heart goes bloom

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I want flowers on the top
I want lilies that go pop!
roses in bright peach
and peonies with beauty out of reach.
Tulips that are so fun
and daisies that always smile to the sun.

Bring me color,’
Bring me light
my skin shivers, on this lonely winter night.

doesn’t it calm and clear your mind, soft colors, soft light

the crisp and fresh smell of roses?

god, how will i survive the next cold months?

spring was always my favorite season- soft colors, fresh air, the feeling of finally braking the ice.

strong&soft together.


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