Monday, August 30, 2010

☞thierry mugler-me, please☜
too funky

back to the roots of futurisme back in the 1930ies
and 1927 amazing Metropolis.

like a robo-honey from futurama
and the VOGUE BERLINALE feature shoot /

why do we want so badly go back to the future?

’cause shiny is sexy ♡.

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♡ Tallulah Love ♡

Sunday, August 29, 2010

♥show some love♥


♥vintage blush♥

tallulah loved showed me some ♥ at the ligerie collective

I met the charming Michelle Taylor,
head & heart behind this boudoirèsque label
at the lingerie collective and I was immediately in love with her lingerie.
Michelle was designer for Playboy Intimates White Label Lingerie
where she created a  50′ies style inspired lingerie line
for the label and was made Design Manager.

Her desire to make her own brand came about 5 years ago
and so 3 years later she took the step into independence
and broad this amazing label to life.

Tallulah Love is a high-end label with some sexy vintage appeal
but quite modern cuts.

I was amazed by the handmade printed silk and the soft touch of the garments,
especially the bridal-range caught my eye cause i have a thing for
white-sets ♡
They also provide a luxurious little range of gifts & boxes to surprise
your lover or pamper yourself.

Tallulah Love Luxury Lingerie has truly some love to put on your skin.


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4 weeks intern-update

Sunday, August 29, 2010


As you can see,I also got my nose into some press work now!

My tasks included taking pictures & photoshop them for the online shop,
writing packing lists and invoices and sending out orders and the new ss2011-lookbooks
to all lingerie-buyers worldwide-
that’s the great thing in this company, i really get a glimpse
into all work that need to be done when you run your own label!

it’s hard work but when you do what’s most precious
to you and you are that lucky that that’s your job
you got some luck going on.

PS: I also discovered the BEST,
seriously, without a doubt-


@ the hummingbird bakery

where i made a short trip to portobello road
to get cupcakes for the team, and flowers
to say bye-bye to Assistant Camilla who will be flying towards her own destiny now..



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