Monday, July 26, 2010


Monday morning-

I was finally arriving in the small street hidden in north kensington.
after an impressive busride from notting hill gate station
and a sardinebox-tight ride with the central-sub-line.

A girl with a silk-foulard draped around her head entered the door with me
and guided me on the first floor to the „Bordelle Ltd“ Door Sign-
thats how i first met the sweet Camilla/Production&Design Assistant.

I entered the lovely chaos
you always find when you pack 10 creative people into a room.
The Head Designer Javier described it with a smile:

“ we are more a little factory here. It’s all about the making.“

And I think he is quite right-
he has to see and feel the things he’s creating
and he is  exited about the whole process,
because that’s when the magic is happening,
when shapes and lines come together and begin to live.

My first occupation was to saw the tiny black bows
on the back of the waspi-tangas,the waspies and Angela dresses.
I don’t know how many I did- but the bow-box was empty in the evening.

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sundaymarkets brick lane & spitalsfield

Sunday, July 25, 2010


The two great markets just outside our doors,
so much amazing things to see,
I especially loved the accesories
made by mostly japanese independent designers
who sell their designs on the market.

And you have all kinds of food, fresh fish, candy,
and fresh made curry or asian food of all kinds.

Of course this made us madly hungry haha
So we had one insanely good burger in old spitalfields

gourmet burger kitchen-

they do burger with avocado, japanese style
or any other thing you can think of.

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the first days

Saturday, July 24, 2010


And my eyes couldn’t stop moving around, 360° of exitement.

architecture, restaurants,the people,the air
the martin margiela boutique just downstairs
and the amazing burgers at cafe 1001.
and we were so so glad that we were a little cold!

Berlins 36° versus 23° at London was just a blessing.

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